the GIS Center held training for inspectors from Asyut

the GIS Center held training for inspectors from Asyut

As part of the activities of the ICI project, the GIS Center provided training to 30 selected inspectors from Asyut, Suhag and Al-Minya governorates on how to use geographic information systems in archaeological site protection. 

The three-day training was held at the University of Asyut from the 6th to the 9th of November and was opened with an introduction to the GIS Center. It continued over the next three days with practical training on using ArcView, 

instructions on how to collect archaeological data and fill out the archaeological datasheets, conducting surveys and delineating sites on maps. The training was then concluded with field training on data collection and handling the GPS. 

The trainers from the GIS department were Wafaa El-Kholi, GIS engineer, Fayza Ahmad, Archaeological researcher for Islamic sites, Nashwa El-Bohi, Archaeological researcher for Ancient Egyptian sites, Ahmad Taha, Surveyor, and Waleed Yousef, GPS specialist. Taha Refaat was responsible for the IT logistics. The programme was supervised by Ms. Azza El-Kholi, General Director of the GIS Center, Sara Kayser, ICI Project Coordinator, Ahmad Rabie, Director of Scientific Studies Department and Elshaimaa Mohammad Fathy, Head of the Research Unit for Heritage Law. 

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